Instructions for Managing the Itching Anogenital Area

  1. The basic aim of treatment is to keep the anal area clean, dry, and to avoid injury to the skin from excessive wiping or abrasion.
  2. Wear gloves during the night to prevent yourself from scratching.
  3. When showering or bathing avoid the use of perfumed soap. Especially avoid rubbing the bar on the anal area or rubbing the itching area with a washcloth. Soap is highly alkaline and the residues collecting in the folds of the skin cause irritation and alter the normal acidity of the skin. Avoiding soap completely is preferable.
  4. After bowel movements, wash the anal area with water or use wet cotton or tissue. Absorbent cotton impregnated with Prax® Lotion (Ferndale Laboratories) makes an ideal, safe, hypo-allergenic, non-cain, anti-pruritic “wipe” pad for cleaning. Do not leave a wet dressing against the anal skin for any prolonged time. Pat the area dry with non-scented toilet paper and avoid rubbing with the toilet tissue.
  5. If your itching is worse following bowel movements or if there is an “afterdrainage”, do a rectal irrigation using a 3 or 4 ounce bulb syringe and warm water.
  6. During the day wear a thin cotton strip drawn off the side of a roll of absorbent cotton (Red Cross Cotton/Johnson & Johnson). The cotton strip should be thin enough so that you are not conscious of its presence. Do not use a cotton ball. Change the cotton strip frequently. It is important to apply the cotton strip directly to the anus. A sanitary napkin is not a substitute. Wear cotton underwear.
  7. Take a tub or Sitz bath morning and/or night in lukewarm water.
  8. Apply the prescribed Analpram-HC® Cream or Analpram-HC® Lotion(Ferndale Laboratories) as directed by your physician following a cleaning and drying routine.
  9. Items in the diet that produce gas, indigestion or loose bowel should be avoided. Foods associated with irritation of the bowel, producing mucus or aggravating drainage include tomatoes (including ketchup), citrus fruits and juices, coffee and tea (including “decaf” in excess of two (2) cups a day), beer and alcoholic beverages, colas, nuts and popcorn, milk, chocolate, spices (especially peppers).
  10. This management program may be reduced or adjusted depending upon the control of your symptoms. Item #6, the cotton strip, should be the last measure abandoned and the first measure to be resumed in the control of your problem.
  11. Recurrences are common and to be expected. Call or plan to return to the doctor if you are unable to control your itching or if the situation worsens in spite of these measures.
  12. Prax® and Analpram-HC® Cream and Lotion are immediately available at any of the ethical pharmacies listed with your doctor’s office, or please call our toll free number, 1-800-621-6003.